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NowJob Portal

NowJob – Job Board Marketplace | AI Powered (SAAS)

Explore the next frontier in hiring with NowJob – Job Board Marketplace with AI. NowJob is equipped with dual panels for both candidates and companies, creating a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Employers can navigate the company panel with ease, leveraging advanced AI features for intelligent candidate matching, customizable job postings, and efficient application tracking. Meanwhile, candidates enjoy a tailored experience on their panel, where NowJob’s smart algorithms help match their skills with the perfect job opportunities. Revolutionize your hiring process with NowJob, where the synergy of AI technology and user-friendly design takes recruitment to new heights. NowJob script has 11+ automatic payment gateways and unlimited offline payment gateways and it has built with the latest in web development technologies, including Laravel, Inertia.js, Vue.js. It has included 2 click web installer to install the script from User Interface mode.


Registration and Profile Creation:

  • Companies and candidates start by creating profiles on NowJob.
  • Companies provide details about their organization, culture, and job requirements.
  • Candidates input their skills, experience, and preferences.

Customizable Job Postings:

  • Companies can create and customize job postings based on their unique requirements.
  • NowJob provides tools to optimize job descriptions and attract the right candidates.

Application Tracking System (ATS):

  • NowJob includes a robust ATS to streamline the application process for companies.
  • Employers can easily track and manage candidate applications in one centralized dashboard.

User-Friendly Candidate Panel:

  • Candidates have a dedicated panel where they can explore personalized job recommendations.
  • The platform suggests opportunities based on their skills, experience, and preferences.

Communication Hub:

  • NowJob serves as a communication hub, allowing seamless interaction between companies and candidates.
  • Employers can engage with potential hires through messaging and interview scheduling.

On-Time Updates:

  • Both companies and candidates receive on-time updates on the status of applications, interviews, and job postings.

Feedback and Analytics:

  • NowJob provides a feedback mechanism for candidates to enhance the overall experience.
  • NowJob provides a feedback mechanism for company to enhance the overall experience.
  • NowJob provides a feedback mechanism for company to enhance the overall experience.

AI Tools:

  • Using AI tools company and candidates can take support from artificial intelligence

Secure and Scalable:

  • NowJob prioritizes the security of user data and ensures scalability to accommodate the growing needs of businesses and job seekers.

By combining advanced AI features, customizable job postings, and user-friendly interfaces, NowJob revolutionizes the hiring landscape, making it a comprehensive and efficient solution for companies and candidates alike.

Candidate Features

  • Clean & Informative Dashboard
  • AI-Based Dynamic Template
  • Profile Visitor Logs (statistics)
  • Resume Settings
  • Chat Board
  • Saved Job (Book Mark)
  • Job Alert Based On Profile
  • Applied Jobs History
  • Candidate Can Give review to the company
  • Profile Settings
  • Credit Purchase Log (for AI)
  • Support History
  • Notifications
  • Account Delete (user can delete his account)

Company Features

  • Clean & Informative Dashboard
  • Subscription Modules
  • Profile Setup
  • KYC
  • Profile Setup Progress bar
  • AI-Based Dynamic Template
  • Job Post Visitor Logs (statistics)
  • Job Posting modules (Desk Job & Remote Job)
  • Chat Board
  • Saved Candidate (Bookmark)
  • Job Applicants List and export
  • Company Can Give review to the hired employees 
  • Profile Settings
  • Credit Purchase Log (for AI)
  • Support History
  • Notifications
  • Account Delete (user can delete his account)

Admin Features

  • Informative Dashboard
  • Dark and light dashboard mode
  • Language Switcher
  • Dynamic AI template modules (OpenAI Based)
  • Order modules
  • Candidate modules (List, edit, and details)
  • Company modules (List, edit, and details)
  • Payment gateways modules
  • Users log
  • Support modules
  • Blog
  • Drag and drop menu builder
  • Role-based multi admin
  • Storage Settings (local and wasabi cloud)
  • 10+ automatic payment gateways
  • Custom Page.
  • SEO.
  • Developer settings.
  • Notifications.
  • Many more….